Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A few observations...

1) why are there some people who will not hold the door open even if the next person is right behind them. seriously, are they that inconsiderate? completely clueless? or do they just not know any better?

2) there are many people on campus who are clueless about where they are walking. Generally speaking, i am not one of them. I make a point to carefully maneuver out of the way. This works except for on the rare occasion that the other person is also in the small "i watch where i'm going and think about others" crowd. Then it can get tricky as we both try to accommodate to the other person. I guess its a good thing everyone isn't so observant.

3) Lately I've had a thirsty throat that i just can't satisfy. I think the dryness comes from being sick. Its a sad sad feeling to drink water and not be able to fully quench the thirst.

4) This observation is more of a question. How much PDA is acceptable? holding hands? a hug goodbye? a short kiss goodbye? any thoughts? A friend told me today that while she was dating her last boyfriend she wouldn't even think about kissing him on campus. Now i've never been a fan of huge amounts of PDA, but i think there are some things that are cute and acceptable and in fact, should be encouraged.

5) I hope i'm still holding hands with my husband when we are 95 years old.

6) Airline companies are annoying. I looked into buying tickets online last week. All days were about $110 each way. Today i check and they are running a special where the tickets are only $80 one way. EXCEPT for the week surrounding Thanksgiving. Instead, said tickets are twice the normal price. Now thats just cruel, don't you think? The principles of supply and demand are not working in my favor.

7) I have a horrible memory. I will be $130 richer when I finally remember to do two simple things.

8) Typically thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of guys who eat, play sports and watch football all day. but not usually of the moms who get up early to cook, cook more, and then clean up all day.

9) I observe that it is 9:30 and i finally get to leave work! YAY!

10) smile :)

isn't it about... time?

I feel like a walking advertisment for Aeropostale today. I realized this afternoon that both my sweatshirt and my jeans came from that store. What is ironic about that is that they also happen to be the only two things that I own from there. Well, thats not true. but 2 out of things that i own. I would feel bad... but i really like the sweatshirt! Its super warm and cute. And the jeans were only $12 so you can't beat that. (the jeans pictures are not the ones i own, but i couldn't find a real picture and they look kinda similar)

In other news, I feel the need to blog. In fact i feel the desire to blog. But i just don't have any energy right now. I realize that i have not written anything in almost two months. I'm sorry. I guess i've been a little busy. Almost 18 hours a week at the hospital for my internship. Full time classes (well, only 9 credits, aka 3 classes, if you take out the 5 credits i get for my internship/ once a week internship class) . 15-20 hours a week working at the library. And all my free time is spent hanging out with Brett. Needless to say some of the "extra" activities have been dropped lately. Ya know things like blogging (if i did blog, i would want to talk about Brett the whole time and that would be awkward), doing my laundry (i REALLY need to do that asap), cooking well rounded meals (who wants to wait for dinner to cook at 9 oclock at night?), cleaning my room (i think doing my laundry will help with my room situation), etc. etc. I am in NO WAY complaining though. I am absolutely loving my life right now. I'm constantly happy and usually in a good mood. Sure i get tired, but i really can't complain. I'm seriously so blessed (note the blog reference). haha...but seriously (note the brett-ism reference).

Since i still have an hour left at work and since I'm avoiding studying for any of my 3 tests that I have in the next week, I will continue to blog. But, just for fun, i'm going to make them separate entries.