Wednesday, April 22, 2009

any more updates and it would have to be the weekend. a blog written by Chaela McDonald on Kirsten Clark's behalf (she's not dead)(yet)

Oh hey, so I haven't written for a while.

I'm still cool
I'm still pretty
I'm still smart
My name is still Kirsten
...but not for long!!!!!!!

Just kidding, my name will still be Kirsten once Brett and I get married. But my last name will go from sophisticated to common in 2 seconds flat. The things we do for love.

Another Update:

I'm graduating! From college! I know, right? cool. Yes, tomorrow I will graduate with a bachelor's degree in social work. and then I will literally be an adult. Besides the occasional zit and giggly outburst when I see Zach Efron (who doesn't).

This is a big month. College graduation, marriage for time and all eternity to Brett Michael Smith (my roommates keep reminding me it's not too late to back out...what is that about?), and updating my blog. No wonder I'm so tired.


PS my graduation outfit is hotter than Arizona on fire right underneath the hole in the ozone layer.