Thursday, February 5, 2009


So the other day I was walking on campus when I saw a girl wearing a green cardigan that would be PERFECT for my wedding.  You see, I want to get matching cardigans for all my friends to wear.  Uniformity, a token of appreciation, and instant cuteness.  Simple, right?  Wrong.  A basic cardigan in green, pink, or cream is hard to find.  Trust me, i've tried.  I considered stopping the girl to ask her where she was able to find such a gem.  But alas, I did not.  So now i turn to you.  My faithful blog readers.  Where do you suggest i look for cardigans?  They don't have to be anything special.  Just the right colors.  Which, i admit, can be tricky.  Any ideas???  Also, i'll be getting a significant number of said cardigans, so it would be nice if I found them at a place that carried them all year round.  That way I could get more last minute if needs be.

In other news.  I think i'm getting sick.  Well, scratch that, i know i'm getting sick.  (sick pouty face) The benefits of getting sick?  Brett both made dinner, and did the dishes tonight.   He takes good care of me.


Cortney said...

congratulations!! I am so excited for you yay!! Tell me when and I really want an announcement if that's ok? Cardigans? Oldnavy had some cute ones on their website. Target's weren't very impressive from what I saw. Good luck with wedding plans!!!

BrittanynRobert said...

I would suggest Nordstroms, gap, or J Crew. That is always the hardest once you pick colors to find stuff to match. Let me know how it goes.